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Tratto da una fotografia scattata da Al Bano nella Grotta azzurra di Capri nel 1969

Boats at Night

Il mio astrattismo figurativo

Buddha Cloud Over the Sea

May everyone be happy, may everyone be free from misery, may no one ever be separated from their happiness, may everyone have equanimity, free from hatred and attachment

Castle of Dreams

One of my paintings of my teen years, inspired by Donovan


From a photo taken on Alonyssos, Greece. There were may goats on that beach. I chose to only keep one

Dawn in Salento

When i used to drive my children to the school bus in Puglia in the 80's, this was a sight i would often see in the morning. One morning i decided to capture it with my camera and then paint it

Don Carmelo

Don Carmelo was my father in law. A kind, jovial man who loved story telling. He was like a father to me and we shared the same house for many years


This is my idea of paradise. Flowers, water and a climate that allows you to have very few clothes on

Mother Africa

The beautiful African race nurturing the white child


Flowers are the true miracle of nature

Fujiyama with Sunflowers

I once saw this landscape from a train window traveling across Japan in 1969. I eventually painted it in 1997

Girl in the Sea

My first born on a beach in Puglia, Italy 1975

Hawaiian Girl

Painting allows us to create a link between us and the mystery beyond time


Painted in Rome, Italy in one afternoon when i was 14 years old. I started from one corner without knowing what i was going to paint


I paint also to give a meaning to my lonelyness

Mother and Daughter

Taken from a photo of Cristel and I after i had finished playing tennis in St Petersburg, Russia 1996

My Father as a Child

Taken from a photo of my father in 1915. I gave it color when i painted it in 1977

Nantucket Lighthouse

This was the last lighthouse my great grandfather saw before perishing in a storm in the steamship, "The President". I painted it on the day he died without knowing it

Prayer Candle on the Ganges

Sometimes, to express myself through color is easier than using words

Road in the Desert

This is like a dream, it could be the high desert near Joshua Tree, California. There is something about the desert that makes me feel happy

To Romina from Romina

Paintings are like windows on an imaginary world

Towards the future

Grandmother and granddaughter going on a Sunday walk in the south of Italy in 1971

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